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Paisley Purpose is the creative space of an adequately artistic and occasionally profound human being: ME. This is the heart of everything I have to offer: words, colors, thoughts, creations, stories, and yes, love (yuck). Here’s to hoping you like what you see here. If not, I’m gonna blog anyway 😉

My name is Den, professional writer on weekdays, blogger on weekends, and creative person at heart. I’m not a people person, and I like being alone. Though my greatest dream is to find true love, which is contradicting and such a great hassle.

Why should you read Paisley Purpose? Honestly, it won’t bother me if you don’t. :p Why should you? Well, if you want posts that you can identify with, are practical, not heavily filtered, and curated within realistic means and skill set, and if you want ideas on how to make the most of whatever little you have, then my blog is your source.

I don’t plan on monetizing yet, so I have no freebies to give. So, why read my blog? Because you want to, and I bump it regularly so it appears on your feed, that’s why. 😀

I have no niche as of the moment so this is a sandbox for pretty much everything I feel like writing about. If you want to request a topic, you can shoot me a message at:

Happy reading 😀

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