You know you want those adorable socks to be part of your wardrobe. But what’s the point of wearing something cute when they’re pretty much invisible under your kicks?

Well…they don’t have to be.Basic and trendy shoe types, a dose of creativity, imagination, and confidence are all it takes to pull off eye-catching socks. In case you need style inspo, here’s your guide to rocking cuteness at your feet.

The Picks


  1. High-cut Sailor Moon Socks
  2. Tiger Lily ankle socks (head facing toes)
  3. Peko-chan ankle socks (head facing garter)
  4. Elsa ankle socks with frilly garter details

You can score similar finds from bazaars, toy cons, Korean shops, and Japan Home Centre 🙂

The Looks


SET A: Ankle Socks With Body Designs

Socks with body details are definitely more challenging to pull off than those with designs on the garter. Do it by pairing them with the basics: doll shoes and ballet flats. They have large windows that let the details pop out. But, don’t be afraid to experiment with other shoe types. Brogues with interesting cutout details also leave enough room to show off those quirky foot covers. Just look at Peko-chan mischievously peering from the shoes!


  1. Plain ballet flats are a sure way to show off pretty details. Whether they’re oriented towards the toes or the ankles, they’re easily visible. For a put-together look, match the color of your footwear to your footsies. You may go monochromatic, a la Peko-chan (brown on brown). Or, you may frame your sock with a solid-colored shoe, like the Tiger Lily look. Make the shoe look like it’s part of the design.
  2. Match the details of your footwear to your footsies. If you have a girly pair of flats, pair it with equally girly socks. That’s an obvious way of matching. If you’re on experimental mode, go for contrast. For colors, pair subdued hues with neons. Pair solids with pastels. For textures, pair glossies with soft/knitty/leather ones.
  3. Flats are ideal for body designs in terms of keeping the sock in place and giving the best, as-seen-in-store look. If you want a bit of height, go for platforms. Pumps are also okay.
  4. You may think strappy shoes are a no-no for these socks, but that’s not always the case. If they’re the right color, they can complement the socks. Thin straps are generally more workable, as they’re less likely to cover up the print, but you can use thick ones to segment the prints and highlight which parts you want seen.


SET B: High-cut Socks With Garter Details

You’ll have a blast flaunting your adorable finds, as they work amazingly with pretty much any shoe type (as long as they’re not SUPER high-cut, of course). Moccasins, lace-ups, heels, doll shoes, and yes, even boots, lend different personalities to the socks and your overall look.


  1. For the schoolgirl charm, go for doll shoes, pumps, and patent flats with sweet details like bows and buckles. For a more laidback and casual feel, try pairing the socks with sneakers, lace-ups, and moccasins.
  2. High-cut boots with studs and metallic details are a stark contrast to the sweet seri-fuku style. Keep the socks in focus by choosing edgy shoes that don’t go overboard with the embellishments.

Cute socks don’t have to stay hidden. Show them off by pairing them with equally cute shoes, and emulate a quirky adorable vibe, down to your toes. 🙂

Got ideas to rock cute socks? Share them below 😀