Dear Self,

Happy birthday! Where did all the years go? :)) Just yesterday, you were only 16, and now, you’re…haha. Let’s not mention it. Anyway, I want you to know that I’m proud of everything you’re achieving so far 🙂 You’ve come so far, from the shy, closet-kikay, terribly insecure, awkward teenage girl, to a more confident, undeniably strong, and talented young woman.

If I wrote this a couple of years back, I know you’d have a lot of qualms. Why do I always have to be the one to make an effort, even for myself? Well…as you may have already realized, you aren’t the girl people invest a lot of effort in. But, you sure as hell can invest, which is why you’re lucky. You can do it yourself.

Only now, you have to be a lot more picky and careful about who deserves to have what you can offer. You’re the all-or-nothing kind of person. You make sure you don’t regret, and the only way you know you won’t…is when you give it all you’ve got. Not everyone deserves that, but you do. 

I hope you realize you’re my best friend, and you never disappoint. You’re the one I can rely on to make everything right, beautiful, and memorable. Because that’s what you are, and that’s how big your heart is. So, in an effort to make this nothing short of an unforgettable birthday, let me share my wishes for you:

  1. I hope you find true love. You don’t have to justify anything anymore, Den. You want it.There doesn’t have to be any other reason, and you don’t have to prove yourself worthy of it. You want this, at the bottom of your shattered heart. Ask for it, and claim it. I know one day, you will.
  2. I hope you believe again. After all those tough growing up years, those tears, heartbreaks, and trust issues…I know it’s hard, but I hope you believe in the good life can offer you. You’re already one of them, Den. I hope you let yourself see and experience the others, too.
  3. I hope you stop doubting yourself and Love. This takes a lot of work, but we’ve been here before. Let’s not quit now.
  4. I hope you allow yourself to take breaks. You’re a busybee: writing day in and day out. I know who you aspire to be, but every now and then, I hope you take a minute to breathe and just enjoy where you are. Work on your chill, woman.
  5. I hope you learn something new about yourself. Because you’ll never stop learning, changing, and growing.
  6. I hope you appreciate those around you. I know how you love spacing out and daydreaming, but take time to ground yourself, look at who’s really there with and for you, and give them a chance to show you that you matter.
  7. I hope you enjoy your savings. I hope you can travel someday, to a place you really want to visit. 🙂 Like Japan, perhaps. Hehe.
  8. I hope you make peace with what you don’t have. Maybe you’ll never have that easy charm or those long overdue apologies. I hope you make peace with that, because you deserve more than a bitter taste in the mouth and a sharp pang in the heart, all because of spilled milk.
  9. I hope you won’t ever have to feel alone anymore. It gets lonely to be this independent and strong. No one realizes you get tired, too. I hope you find another one you can share the weight with. I hope you find someone who’ll speak up for you, and speak proudly of you. That’s already what you are, and another one who’ll love you enough to do that is much appreciated.
  10. I hope you claim everything the future holds for you. Good or bad, they’re yours for the taking.

These are just a few things I’m hoping for, for you. There’s so much more to gain, Den. I hope you see that you’re more than ready for it. And…thank you very much for finally working on Paisley Purpose. You had doubts, but finally, you decided you’ve always been cut out for this.

You may not be the viral girl, but the number of likes or followers is not a measure of your talent as a writer, or your caliber as a person. Write to your heart’s content. You are Paisley Purpose. 🙂

Sooo…lemme wrap this up by saying I love you, and I’m glad I found you before anyone else did. 😀 You have me, no matter what. We’ve come so far, and we’ll go even farther. Happy birthday, love.