Like many girls, I like to pretty up. Unfortunately, I have such a problematic skin type, and the makeup doesn’t stick to my face for long. Add to that the fact that I regularly commute to and from work, so, quite naturally, I end up looking really haggard, from the heat, oil, and sweat. Best I could do? Dab oil control film on my face to at least look less shiny.

But, of course, I figured there may be ways to work around my skin type and makeup routine. I did a little research and asked my best friend, the Marilene Perez of, to help me fix my makeup loot and routine. Turns out, it starts with troubleshooting the basics, particularly, the base. Here’s my takeaway from our fun makeup date.



In photo: Mari Perez, award-winning beauty blogger and makeup artist, and me, her lucky muse. ^_^



What’s the Problem with My Skin?


1. Acne

2. Oil

3. Pimple scars and red marks

4. Sweat

5. Redness, usually caused by heat

I’ve played muse for her a couple of years back, and she said the key to a good makeup look for me is to get rid of the red spots on my cheeks, chin, and neck. Because of my skin type, she recommended using non-oily products as base and corrector for the major cover-up.

Here I am as we began oimg_3586ur makeup sesh.

Layer 1: Aloe Vera Gel

Layer 2: Sunblock

Layer 3: Corrector

Did she have a field day layering the products and shaving off half of my eyebrows ^_^

Product Picks



Mari thinks that my makeup loot lacks a good skin corrector, which is much like BB Cream, only that  it’s green. She stresses that the green tone offsets the red marks. Being complementary to red, it virtually erases the marks. She’s not brand specific, but since it’s my first time encountering the corrector, she suggests buying one from a brand that works for me. Meaning, no irritation and breakouts.

Tip: Apply with brush for an even finish. If you’re using concealer and BB Cream, this should come first. Let it set before applying BB Cream and concealer.


I think that the first thing you put on your face has a huge role in making your makeup stay put, longer. I’ve been using products from Nature Republic (thanks Jang Geun Suk Oppa ❤ ) for years now (face powder, facial wash), but I’ve only recently discovered how helpful the aloe vera gel is in reducing the skin’s redness. I dab small amounts on my face, as it tends to set slower when I apply too much. And, I get it straight from the fridge. So putting it on feels like washing my face again. It refreshes the skin, especially when I’ve already started sweating when I’m just beginning to apply makeup.

Tip: Refrigerate and make sure the container’s totally sealed. Aloe vera gel tends to dry up after a while, and we all know how hot it is in here.

img_3602 Us:

We agree that sunblock is a must for everyday makeup, no matter how glam or basic it is. Mari and I share the same oily skin problem, so a sunblock that gives a soft matte finish is a winner for us. This Provance Calendula No-sebum Sunblock with SPF 45 saves me sheets of oil control film and several trips to the powder room for touch-ups.

Tip: Dab, don’t smudge, lest it’ll appear white and caky underneath the makeup.

I’ve yet to buy the corrector (sorry, Mari), but it’s available in a number of Korean beauty shops such as Etude House, The Face Shop, and others. For now, I’m using matte BB cream as a substitute. The aloe vera gel and sunblock are available in Nature Republic 🙂

I still have a long way to go before I can recreate this look Mari did for me. But, it starts with the basics, and I sure did learn a lot from our sesh. Thanks sister! ❤