In light of everything that has been happening around the world these past few days, I would just like to tell everyone who’s reading this that I’m one with them in prayer. I pray for the safety of the minority. The compassion of the majority. The discernment of everyone. The hope of the entire world, that it may not be lost, and that it may push each of us, black, white, yellow, brown, whatever the color of our skin may be, whatever may be between out legs, to choose love above all. There is so much hate in the world, on the internet…everywhere. It is very disheartening. Wherever you all may be, I wish that the days may be kind, that someone may always find the heart to help you out and speak for you. Humanity is one big group, and we are all fighting one big fight: that against ourselves and our choices. I know it’s not simple, but I hope that no matter what, love will still have a place in each of us, regardless of our differences. Prayers and love for everyone.