A few weeks ago, I wrote about tiangge shopping etiquette. Today, I’m going to show off some of my proudest and most affordable finds, most of which make up my favorite outfits 😀 Everything here costs less than 500 pesos, perfect for a budget shopper like me. Here they are 😀


Stretchable yellow waffle dress from Farmer’s Cubao Bazaar, Php 350

Pink lace dress with lining from Farmer’s Cubao Bazaar- Php 250, Belt, Php 50

Printed arrow black and white cotton dress from a shop in Katipunan, Php 150



Blue skirt from St. Francis Square, Php 100; Lace top from Landmark Bazaar, Php 250

Pink top from Eleven Six Nine Clothing, Php 150; Floral skirt from Market! Market! bazaar, Php 100

Cream polo from a bazaar in school, Php 150; Leopard pants from 168 Mall, Php 150

Plain black top from Farmer’s Cubao Bazaar, Php 90; Black skirt from Farmer’s Cubao Bazaar, Php 250

I know a lot of people who think tiangge clothes easily wear out, age, and tear. It must be because of the price difference, because when it comes to clothes, you get what you pay for, right? Well, I dunno if I’m just lucky, but some of the items I posted here, like the pink dress, the lace top, the polo, and the leopard pants, have been my closet staples for around 3-4 years now, and they’re still holding up just fine 😀 And I wear them often because we didn’t have uniforms in university. The dress and the polo even made it to my yearbook 🙂 yup, those are my graduation photos.

My tip for scoring bazaar finds that will last you a couple of years? Look at how they’re stitched up. Make sure they’re tight and aren’t frayed when you buy them, and always ask for new stocks.

I still have other know-how’s to share on finding adorable and long-lasting bazaar outfits that are worth your money and closet space, but I’ll save them for another entry 😀 This is it for now 🙂