I like trying out different DIY projects just for fun, and just last weekend, the DIY bug bit me. Thus, I decided to make a liquid lippie from the stash I currently have. While most of the DIY versions I came across involved using a boiler to melt old lipsticks, I skipped that step and managed to come up with an awesome finished product. Beginner’s luck, maybe?

Anyway, before this intro gets any longer, here’s my version of the easy DIY liquid lippie.


Old lipsticks

Lip balm or petroleum gel

Aloe vera gel



Blade or knife



  1. All my old lippies are in stick form, so I just sliced whatever’s left of them and put them in a bowl.
  2. I did the same with the lip balm, also in stick form, then mixed them together with a spoon. Note: the lipsticks I used here are all satin type, so I think that’s how they’re able to melt easily without heating.
  3. My office buddy warned me that the finished product may turn out too greasy, so I researched what I could use to offset the grease, and, at the same time, blend the colors better. Because I still have a container of aloe vera gel handy, I thought I could add around 3/4 teaspoon of it to the mix, a little more than the sliced lip balm. Aloe vera gel is a good remedy for chapped lips, and it’s also proven to control sebum production. This makes it the perfect neutralizer to the greasy lipsticks.
  4. I stirred the mixture with toothpick and transferred it to a small canister. That’s my finished product right there. 🙂



Since I finished this DIY project, I’ve used the lippie more than a couple of times already, and I’m liking it. It doesn’t feel too sticky or thick against my lips, and it can withstand more than a few rounds of gargling and drinking water. While the color lightens, just like it does in any other lipstick, it does so, nicely. It doesn’t appear awkwardly faded, maybe because the shade is close to my natural lip color.



Because this is quite easy to make, the only thing I’d suggest is to have fun experimenting with the colors you mix. Incidentally, the ones I used are very rosy tones. When it first came out, it was almost identical to one of the old lipsticks. I used a small amount of a dramatically different shade to vary the tone, and that’s how it came out the way it did. :p

Apart from that, there’s not much to say other than have a blast prettying up with your new lippie :* mwah. ❤