Okay. So, under what category does this entry belong?

Anyway, hi. In this entry, I’m going to talk about my tarot reading experience, and my, should I say, innate inclination to the spiritual and metaphysical. Surprised to find something like this in the cutesy, girly, and sentimental Paisley Purpose? Well, you’re bound to read about this side of me sooner or later. And, as I’ve already had a reading courtesy of blogger and tarot reader Jake Morales, I may as well open it for discussion now.

Shall we start? Let me tell you about my tarot reading experience.

Tarot Reading, November 26, 2016

Jake’s told me more than a couple of times that I have what it takes to read cards the way he does. I know, but, of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t have a novel experience, or maybe a few surprises.

I wasn’t nervous at all; it wasn’t my first time, and I know I have a good grasp at which of the predictions will wind up coming true. The thing about these readings is that, they’re there to convey something you already know, but maybe aren’t completely aware of just yet. And, though I admit that they’re pretty accurate, I’m sure there’s a limit to that accuracy. After all, I set it.

So…the reading. Jake gave me a reading consisting of three parts: the past, present and future, the five-card spread, and the message from the universe. In between, I could ask questions, which I did.

Most of what came out pertained to my creative side and my present career. A change of industry is imminent, and fulfillment in terms of maximizing my creativity is evident. I agree with that; the previous months were some of my happiest, because of Paisley Purpose. I do intend to keep it that way in the succeeding months.

The central theme of the reading was me exploring and honing my creative side, which is precisely what I’m doing. There were a few warnings, however; beware of toxic people and of being too attached to people’s expectations of me. Also, if I’m yearning for a fruitful emotional connection, which you know I am, I need to take bolder steps. Open up to people and possibilities, instead of holing up into my time warp of seemingly unending self pity.

In addition to the things I have to let go of, the session also reminded me of the inner strength I have cultivated all these years. I tend to give in to my moods, and that gets in my way of reaching my full potential as a writer, young professional, and person.

The best thing that came out of the session is realizing anew that I can be my enemy and my best friend, and I’d rather be my best friend.

The Surprise

The reading was pretty much a confirmation of what I know I’m going through, but a notable surprise is that, for the first time, what was predicted is already in progress. I’ve had other friends read for me before, and the messages have always seemed distant. Not in this case; I do seem aligned now.

Jake answered several questions about my career and love life, and I do see that huge changes are imminent.

I thank Jake for the time and the overall tarot reading experience. I still have much to ponder and say about it, but my biggest takeaway is, live life in your own terms. This is the path you’re going to take because you’re made for it.

I’d still very much like to dig deeper on mysticism and my own experiences, but I’ll save the rest for another entry or two. Based on my experience with tarot reading, I can only say this much: I believe in both destiny and choice. And destiny is a series of choices that have somehow managed to align themselves to lead you to where you are.

You’ll get what I mean later on, when you read my other entries. But I’d rather you get it when you live your own life, according to, and even beyond tarot and whatever realms you’re exploring. 🙂

I see that it’s entirely possible that I’ll be touching into this topic more. Sounds like a new category in the making. Wait for it.