Perfect OOTD formulas aren’t complete without eye-catching accents. Be it a chunky necklace, dainty earrings, or sparkly cocktail rings, nothing beats the “wow” factor these finishing touches add to your outfit.

Practical shoppers-slash-commuters like me love a solid and functional accessory to finish off any look, and for that, there’s a great selection of bags to turn to. πŸ˜€ If you aren’t sure how to incorporate totes into your outfits yet, lemme give you a few tips:

Big Bags
Understated outfits consisting of solid and neutral colors and minimal prints go very well with big bags. They make for a classy and put-together look, with the tote highlighting the entire outfit and vice versa.

Sling Bags
Small sling bags can go from day to night, and even the commutes in between. Because you can put them on your sides or right in front of you, where you can easily keep track of your belongings, di ka na masasalisihan.

Style a fashown OOTD or OOTN with a nice sling bag in an interesting shape and hue. Use one with details such as metallic chains to complement a dainty floral dress or a sexy leather number.


Because of their structured design, satchels can easily lend a tougher, more professional feel to your outfit. As such, they’re amazing, on-trend bags for work. Take your polo, blazer, and slacks combo up a notch with a solid-colored or dual-toned satchel.
You may also want to carry one around to add a fresh and stylish contrast to your utra-femme and preppy looks.
I dig the schoolgirl charm and the roominess, so backpacks are my favorite. I use one to work, so I’d suggest pairing a faux leather with tailored polos and pencil skirts. Shirt dresses also look cute with them. They balance an uptight look by giving it a casual spin.

Or you can opt for the usual jeans, tee, sneakers, cap, and backpack combo for the weekends.

Printed Pouches
They’re essentially small bags and are perfect for the girl whose entire bag consists of a kikay kit and cellphone. If you’re that girl, why not update your compact loot with a quirky pouch? Monochrome ones with metal details give your outfits just the right amount of shine, while the ones with bolder and maybe, cartoonier designs, are an unexpected twist to cocktail or evening getups.

For an assortment of bags that pack a punch and add a winning element to your outfits, check out the styles available at N.Cat stores. Here are some that I spotted on my previous visits:

Follow their Facebook page and visit a store near you, and bag that winning look in no time. πŸ™‚