It’s been a month since I released my first blog about Yeongyang Hansik, and today, it’s just a week before the grand opening. How fast time flies! Anyway, I’ve kept an eye on the resto since the first blog post, and I’m really excited for their formal entrance to the Metro’s food scene. That piqued your interest, didn’t it?

If you’re already thinking of dropping by Yeongyang Hansik at Madison Commons Food Park this February 1, I’ll give you a couple more reasons to. Check my list out.

Jinja Mashta and Healthy Food

Not kidding when I say it’s jinja mashta. I used to think of Korean food here in the Philippines as generic-tasting: heavy on condiments and sauces to cater to the Pinoy taste buds, but this one’s different. It’s flavorful without overwhelming your taste and appetite.

Why? Because it’s healthy! And I’m not just talking about the generous servings of vegetables. Take for example this Pork Lechon Bibimbap: it’s a complete meal that satisfies your appetite with less than a cup of rice, a whole lot of vegetables, protein-rich red bean sauce, and lean pork Lechon. Low carb, high protein, nutrient rich, with great flavor.


See what I mean? Of course, there are other equally tasty options, like the appetizing sides. I want to FINALLY try out their kimchi fries on my next visit!

Refreshing Drinks

Yeongyang Hansik shows customers that a great night out doesn’t always need a swig of alcohol to get that extra kick. Their unique coolers consist of two refreshing flavors: cucu-moringa and the new raspberry-lychee. Served chilled in sizeable mason jars, these go perfectly with the savory meal.


Value for Money Food Choices
I always love a great budget-friendly find, whether it’s clothing, stationery, beauty products, or food. The resto’s got value for money menu staples, PHP 139-PHP149 per bowl of bibimbap, and PHP 59 for the coolers. Priced right and taste right.


Personalized Service

At the heart of the resto are people who are passionate about serving quality, healthy Korean dishes to everyone who dines. This shows in how they deal with customers. Leading a warm and welcoming team, Richard and his partner, Kim Repomanta Seongsaengnim, go out of their way to satisfy their customers. In fact, they even take the orders and bring the dishes out themselves! They’re willing to oblige on short chats about the resto, too. That’s hands-on service for you.



It’s their grand opening, so I’m guessing they’ll be cooking up something special for the occasion, or soon after. They’ve had the free side dish promo last time (sadly, I wasn’t able to join), so I’m really looking forward to what they have in store next. Maybe I should visit more often. Hehe.

And I’ll visit again this coming Feb 1, just in time for their grand opening. 🙂 Really excited to bid a legit Annyeong to Yeongyang Hansik next week. Wouldn’t you want to drop by, too? Hope to see you!

P.S. Store display’s up now! Get ready for photo ops at the storefront. Koreanovela mode on! Credits to Kim Seongsaengnim for the photos 🙂