Nins San Agustin of Naturale Makeup Services is the fairy godmother who teaches you how to work that magic wand. How do I know? Last week, I signed up for Nins’ 5-hour basic makeup workshop, held in 87 Scout Delgado St, Tomas Morato Quezon City, and though I didn’t walk out of her door a pro (because that requires years of practice), I went home knowing about and enjoying skincare and the art of makeup, so much more!

The Instructor


Photo from: Makeup by NINS

Nins San Agustin is a professional hair and makeup artist who runs her own makeup studio. She also offers eyebrowdery services. Nins mostly specializes in doing hair and makeup for different occasions, such as weddings and debuts. The goal of her work? To enhance her clients’ appearance by highlighting their defining features, without making them look like somebody else.

In short: naturally beautiful with a touch of magic. Nins opened the workshop proper by saying, “Di tayo nagme-makeup para magmukhang artista or magka-boyfriend. We do this to enhance what we already have. Dumating tayo rito na maganda na tayong lahat.” Pak! Agree.

The Workshop

The workshop was designed for a small group (there were six of us last week), so learning can be more personalized and hands-on. On the work area were mirrors, brushes, and Nins’s complete array of makeup and skincare products, which she’d let us use. And, let’s not forget the makeup manual which she authored herself.

The manual is the structure of the workshop, and it centers on creating a unique makeup arsenal and routine just for you. Before diving right into the products and how to use them, Nins discussed the factors that determine each of our makeup looks and must-haves. These include face shape and skin type, among other things. She then talked about the products that should make it to our personal kits.

Some that she suggested are:


Eyebrow pencil


Color corrector and concealer- *for the color corrector, the green one is ideal for those with red patches and discoloration on their skin, while the orange one works well for correcting dark circles under the eyes.


Nins gave a lot of emphasis in keeping the skin moisturized before applying makeup, as it conditions it, keeps it healthy, and let’s makeup stay longer. “No matter what skin type you have, you need to moisturize. If you have oily skin, the more you need to. Your skin secretes oil because it lacks moisture, so use hydrating products before applying makeup and after removing it.

She then followed it up by telling us the correct order of layering the products: toner, moisturizer, pore enclosing product, primer (optional), color corrector, foundation,concealer and other cream makeup, and then finally, setting powder and other powder products for contouring, and blush. Nins asked us to remove every bit of makeup from our faces (oh no! Hahaha) to get started with the hands-on part of the workshop. Let the makeup magic begin!


We layered each product and were able to create a base that turned our faces into clean canvases for the makeup techniques. After applying the foundation, Nins asked us to measure our brows (Yas! Kilay is life!) with respect to the sides of our nose, so we can define our ideal brow shape.

These are the markings we follow when we groom and define our arches. Nins taught us a simple technique to properly draw our brows.

  1. Lightly line the bottom of the brow, following the markings we did earlier.
  2. Do the same with the top part of the brow and make sure the tips of both lines meet at the end of the brow.
  3. Fill in the brows by coloring with the pencil.
  4. Get rid of the rough edges using a spoolie (pictured below). Set the hair in place with a brow gel.


Image from: PopSugar

After this, we did the makeup for the rest of our faces, learning basic cream contouring in the process.While she told us that we can contour as darkly as we want to, Nins did caution us to stick to brown shades of makeup with yellow undertones to avoid looking muddy when we’re blending the contour. She shared a secret: going for a continuous number “3” shape on each side of the face, beginning from the hair line, to the hollows of the cheeks, to the jaw and chin.

Another recommendation is highlighting using concealer to enhance the parts of the face. We’re always reminded to keep blending everything carefully, for natural-looking results.

The Deal-maker

While all the steps and tips are worth learning, the workshop’s main deal-maker, IMO, is  the eye makeup part. With Nins’ demonstration and assistance, I finally found the right look for my hooded eyes, and conquered my fear of applying eyeliner  and falsies! Yay! The secret? Light, stable hands and concealer to erase the eyeliner runs. For the falsies, eyelash glue is everything.

Just a little lippie, blush, and translucent powder (for that makinis glow), and we all have the natural yet leveled up look! That’s me when the workshop began…


…and after it ended 😀


The Overall Verdict

I love the instructor, the workshop, and the results! Nins is very generous and ready to share everything she knows. Makeup services may be her business, but through this session, she showed us that it’s her passion above all. It’s safe to say that she empowered all the participants to find a beauty routine that works for them, and I’m sure we all agree that the workshop is worth our while. 🙂

Soooo…if you’re a makeup lover interested in learning more, and having fun while you’re at it, give this fairy godmother a visit at Naturale Makeup Services in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. And, follow her social media accounts for updates on her workshop schedules! Better yet, book her services for your events. Her works speak for themselves. 😉

Wouldn’t you want to work that wand with Nins, too? Of course, you do. ❤