I always cite time management as one of my strengths whenever I go on job interviews. I have my share of ultra lazy, slacking off, cramming, and procrastinating days (like today lol), but for the most part, I’d like to think I’m quite an efficient person. So, what surefire hacks and habits do I practice for time well spent? Aside from making it a point to not make “wala akong oras” an excuse, here are a few more H and H for you, dear readers. Take time to read, ha? 😉

At Work
I’m a digital marketing writer, so the time management challenge lies in finishing all the writeups on the designated deadline. In my case, I always aim to finish before my shift ends. And I manage to. How?

1. Schedule the tasks. I’m a sked freak, so this is second nature to me. If you find this challenging, start by setting deadlines within your deadline. You don’t need to rush yourself; just set realistic time limits that will still let you work comfortably and finish early. Me, I allot around an hour to complete a writeup. I stick closely to it, and so far, it’s working well.

2. Minimize distractions. Close those FB and Twitter tabs if you often get caught up in all the online socializing. Is FOMO haunting you? Bear with it for a bit. Isipin mo na lang, traffic pauwi. Hassle mag-OT. You can always use your mobile data to resume your scrolling, posting, and tweeting as you brave the EDSA traffic. There’s a time for everything, and your 9-hour shift is the time to work, so use it for that.

3. Cut yourself some slack. The first two may seem very round-the-clock and systematic, but you can’t keep at it without cutting yourself some slack. After accomplishing a task, or getting halfway through it, take a walk, grab a bite. Kung kailangan mo talagang mag-FB, go. Pero ‘wag magpakain sa sistema, ah. Limit your scrolling to a few minutes. Chat with co-workers. As a writer, I realize how important it is to take occasional breaks. I need  fresh eyes to go through my works and write better, and I can only get them by having a little downtime.


1. Make the most of your smartphone. Save memory space for work-related apps, like Microsoft Word for mobile or Google Docs. I figure this is really useful, especially when it comes to blogging. When I suddenly think of something, I can jot it down, asap, and just format whatever I write after. This way, I can work on the go, maximizing my travel hours and free time.

2. Put those post-its and messaging apps to good use. Write reminders to yourself, and while you’re at it, jot down some positive messages to prep you up. Keeping time ain’t always easy, but with a little mood booster here and there, you’ll get the push you need to turn smart time management into a habit.

3. Keep photos of your loved ones close by. Motivation to end the shift on time? Your all important family dinner. Motivation to discipline yourself more in terms of time management? To make more time for those that matter. Keeping photos of their faces handy will remind you that you can opt to effectively use your time, so you can make time for the most important things and people. Cheesy as it may sound, it’s a foolproof hack and a valid reason to keep your time.

Wala ka pa rin bang oras? Try mong gawan. These are just a few hacks and habits to adopt for better time-making skills. More to come, so stay tuned here at Paisley Purpose. #gawanngoras 😉