Lately I’ve been getting lots of questions about makeup recommendations. As I’m experiencing a bit of a writer’s block, the queries are very much welcome 😀 It’s like a much-awaited dash of inspo, so thanks, my readers, for trusting me to suggest good beauty stuff to add to your loot! *cries*

Anyway, to answer your questions, let me give you a peek of my own kit, beginning with the goodies you can easily score in drugstores or any department store’s beauty section. Yup, you got that right. We’re talking local beauty fixes! Here are my picks:


 GT Clarifiance, PHP 85 at Watsons

What I love about it: Clarifiance has witch hazel extract, which is proven effective in removing acne and acne scars. They’ve been my problem for quite a while now, and just recently, I had this unsightly breakout on my chin. It looked like a bad case of allergy, as the entire area was covered with acne. Within a month of using the product every other night before I sleep, after washing my face, the pimples flattened, softened, and visibly lightened. Such a great buy, this one.

 Tip for use: wipe face using cotton, then use the other side of the cotton to dab a small amount of toner to pimples. This lets the area absorb more of the product. Apply once every other day.

 Hand and Nail Cream

 Beauty Fix Green Tea Hand and Nail Cream from Watsons, PHP 85

What I love about it: Actually not entirely sure if this is local, but it’s good stuff so I recommend it. The scent is mild, and it doesn’t feel thick or sticky against my skin. This is a must, especially because I’m the pasmado type. Moisturizing and smells great.

 Tips for use: Apply small drops to nails first before spreading to hands. Nails are essentially skin, too, so they need nourishment just as well.


 Ever Bilena Pencil Eyeliner, PHP 100

What I love about it: Easy to use and defining. Though it’s not exactly smudge-proof, it’s pretty long lasting. Gets me through my eight-hour shift without making me look like a panda, though it does fade a bit.

 Tips for use: Don’t rub eyes while wearing it, and make oil blotting paper your best friend. I think it works best on not-so-oily skin. And, dab sweatdrops so it doesn’t smudge.



Nichido Blush in Cool Rum, PHP 80

 What I love about it: The shade doesn’t look dolly on me and blends well with my skin. Just the right color for me.

 Tips for use: Apply with a blush brush, and if you’re ma-pisngi, don’t do circular strokes. Line from cheekbone to the hollow of the cheek then blend using fingers.

 Lip liner

 Fashion 21 nude lip liner, PHP 100

What I love about it: The nude shade is very close to my lip color, so overlapping a different color of lippie doesn’t look awkward. Tried using it with both lipstick and liquid lippie. It gives me a well-defined yet not over-the-top pout, which is great.

 Tips for use: Draw following your lips’ original shape and you’ll be fine. Don’t go pointy, though, lest it’ll look cartoon-y.



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 EB Matte in Vivid Violet, PHP 165

San San Creamy Matte in Carmine, PHP 151

What I love about both: Colors, of course! Vivid Violet is just the right amount of fierce, while Carmine is the perfect everyday shade for those who love red, but want a hint of sweetness to balance the boldness. It’s slightly pink with pearl finish. And both are equally long-lasting.

 Tips for use: If you’re prone to getting chapped lips, apply aloe vera gel or lip balm first. Then, shape with lip liner before wearing these lippies.

 Those are the local goodies I currently have in my beauty loot. Will let you know when I add more. Got other suggestions for amazing local makeup products? Feel free to hit me up. 😀