March is Women’s Month, and as my ladies are requesting for beauty entries, I happily oblige with another set of beauty recommendations, this time, from K-beauty brand, Nature Republic 😀 It’s obviously a favorite, as you may recall that I swear by its 92% aloe vera gel on previous entries (am actually concocting another hack using it, so stay updated :D).

Recently, I just realized that I’ve actually been using a number of other NR products, apart from the much beloved aloe vera gel and sunblock. Here’s a little throwback, btw.


And I’m more than happy to recommend them to you. Here are some prized buys from my K-beauty Bias, Nature Republic.

Facial Wash: Nature Republic Shea Butter Real Nature Foam Cleanser


I’ve actually tried the aloe vera version of this, and while it’s great, I feel like this one’s better suited for my skin care routine. Shea butter moisturizes, while the foamy texture leaves skin clean and supple, without the stinging feeling most liquid facial washes and soaps cause. And, it’s great for washing off light everyday makeup. This is perfect for preliminary cleansing, before applying makeup, night creams, toners, astringents and what-have-you’s.

Evening Moisturizer: Nature Republic Aqua Super Aqua Max  (Combination Watery Cream)


This is my mom’s discovery when she was on the lookout for pore-minimizing products. It has a cooling and hydrating effect, which keeps the pores from opening up when they shouldn’t. The watery texture is light, ideal for a pre-snooze beauty habit. And boy, does it smell great. Biggest deal-maker for this? No breakouts and fresh-looking skin in the morning.

Hair Care: Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Hair Care Essence


I don’t have a lot of problems with my hair, so I’m not really big on hair care. But because my sis brought this bottle of argan oil home from Korea, and she guilt-tripped me into using it, I made an accidental discovery in the NR Argan. There are a lot of other similar products out there, so why get it from Nature Republic? IDK. Kidding!

Well, main ingredient’s organic argan oil, which means you’re getting what you really intended to purchase and use (legit natural argan oil for softer, shinier and healthier hair). Another is the bottle. One press lets out enough oil for the tips of your hair, usually the driest part, so you don’t end up wasting the product. The 60ml bottle is actually quite a lot and can last you for months, depending on hair length and usage. Oh, and plus points to the non-sticky feeling even when my head’s all sweaty.

When NR first came to North EDSA, I only tried the products out to get a Jang Geun Suk standee because I absolutely adore him. There’s proof below HAHAHA. That’s circa 2011.


After using them, however, I’d say the brand’s really got some good stuff, so it inadvertently became my go-to for K-beauty products. 😀

Anyway, if you’re looking for a price list, do head over to the newly established Nature Republic website,, for updated details and products, of course. Visit the stores, too!

That’s my K-beauty picks from my bias, in this entry. How about you? Feel free to tell me about it. Till the next entry! ❤