Summer came around a bit earlier this year, won’t you agree? The days are longer and the skies are brighter. Of course, the sun’s beginning to roast our skin, even sans the beach-y setting. And summery stuff also start popping up, here and there. Summery stuff like what, you say?

Summery stuff like the Summer Glow Makeup Workshop by Beauty Squad On the Go, which I attended last Sunday. 🙂 Pro makeup artist and hairstylist Nins, whose workshop I also attended around two months back, invited me to the fun 2-hour session which she, along with her friends and pro HMUAs Kat Nazario and Reese del Rosario, held in her studio in QC.


Image from: Beauty Squad On the Go FB Page

Because the talented ladies are going to hold a 4-hour session this coming Saturday, I won’t spill a lot of details. I’ll just let you in on what you can look forward to.

  1. Copping the summer glow-Obviously, summer makeup ain’t heavy on product layering, but it still involves that. In this workshop, you’ll learn to layer products properly, so you don’t end up looking cakey and sun-melted, and look glowing and sun-kissed, instead.
  2. Slaying the season with easy-to-pull off and manage hairstyles-Want chic braids, beach waves, and messy high buns you can rock in and out of the beach? Let the Beauty Squad pros teach you how to do them all.
  3. Pictorial-Because, of course, getting dolled up won’t ever be complete without those beauty shots, taken by Lemons to Lemonade Project, no less. Such a great way to have your shining moment. 😉

Excited yet? There’s still ONE SLOT left for this Saturday’s Summer Glow Workshop by Beauty Squad On the Go. Check their Facebook page for more details and updates 😀

Starting Over

I get excited whenever summer comes around. Though I don’t have beach escapades or lengthy vacations, I see summer as a time to get started with new things. The sun rises real high, and so should I!

A couple of months back, I was looking forward to company outings with colleagues and trips with college friends. Now that the season has begun, I’m not where I originally planned to be. I had my last day at work just this Tuesday, so no company outing with my girls. Trips? Hmm, maybe not yet, without funding from a stable job.

So, yes. Instead of planning summer activities, here I am, starting over. It’s pretty scary, but it’s not half bad. There’s still so much in store for me and my loved ones: job interviews, homecomings, adopting new habits, among other things. Can’t wait to write about them soon. 🙂 And looking forward to starting over this summer, with my newfound (literal and figurative) glow and shimmer.;)