At a time when restaurants and food places are popping up, one after the other, promising an outstanding gastronomic feast, how can a new food place make its mark in the metro food scene? And, in Kapitolyo, Pasig, no less? Madison Commons Food Park, aptly branded as the newest food park in town, shapes up to be a food destination in itself.

What makes this new spot a must-try for your next food trip? Get to know Madison Commons a little bit better, and see that it’s worth your visit.

The Basics

Opening Hours: 4pm-3am

Location: Brixton St., Kapitolyo, Pasig

Landmarks: Ace Water Spa (right beside it) and PC Supermarket (across it)

Commute: Trike from Forum to McDo Pioneer, then trike from McDo to Ace Water Spa

Drive: Routes via Reliance, Pioneer, Julia Vargas


The Clinchers

Unlike other hip and happening food places that have been surfacing as of late, Madison Commons does away with the hype and the fanfare, maintaining a considerably quieter and more relaxed ambiance. Food and good feels take centerstage, what with its spacious and airy dining area and ample parking space, making it perfect for the young pros, barkadas, and families who’re just looking for a much-needed break after a long day.

With 30 well conceptualized stalls, all of which present a variety of appetizing menu staples, diners are in for a complete and filling food adventure. Whether you’re up for a very Pinoy kainan feel, barkada-sized set meals, East Asian (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese) cuisine, Mexican and Hawaiian flavors, pizzas and pastas, unique drinks, or desserts that are just the right amount of sweet, you will get your fill at the park. And if that’s not enticing already, you can get your share for budget-friendly prices, from around 150-500 for meals, and around 50-150 for drinks.

If you’re lucky and are able to drop by on a promo day for a stall, you’ll get some very good buy 1 take 1 deals or free side dishes. Then again, the concessionaires are very creative and competitive with their promos. You’ll surely never run out of choices.

The Difference


That inuman is a part of the metro’s food park culture is no secret, and while Madison Commons also caters to this, through its food choices and services, it does more than that. It’s a place that brings kainan, kwentuhan, and katuwaan into the table. It’s a food hub run by people who enjoy food and letting others do the same. It would be such a waste to step into this food park without trying anything out.

So, when you do, make it a point to sit down with your family and friends and go for that foodie experience you can only get at Madison Commons. Enjoy great food and company, at a place that lets you experience them best.