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A Bellissima Beginning: Upping My Skincare with This Egg-citing New Find

I turned 24 on Monday, and guess what that means. I’m now well into my mid-twenties! In addition to adding another year to my age, the birthday is a reminder to up my beauty routine. Yes, it’s time to start an anti-aging regimen.

A quick Google search will tell you that it’s never too early to begin reversing the hands of time for your skin, although many beauty gurus seem to agree that 24-25 is the ideal age for that. I’ll admit I know very little about anti-aging regimens, but this much I know: anyone can keep a youthful look with the help of products that suit their age and skin type.

For me, that means choosing mild and natural skincare products formulated for acne-prone skin. This is where Bellissima Egg White Soap comes in.

The new Philippine-made soap features the traditional Swedish formulation and promises to be a multi-purpose beauty solution. Its ingredient, egg white, is popular for its skin firming, softening, and brightening effects. So, let’s see if the product truly meets, or egg-ceeds, its promise.

First Look

Packaging’s eye-catching enough, and I like that its smell isn’t too strong. The price, at Php 55, is reasonable for a local beauty soap: not suspiciously low nor ridiculously high.

First Week of Trial

I don’t expect drugstore products to magically erase all my skin’s problem areas, such as acne scars and oiliness. With Bellissima, I’m after the firming, softening, and brightening effects. And, I’m happy to say that after a week’s worth of washes, the product has delivered.

Immediately after the first wash, I felt a softer and more even texture, which really made me look forward to washing my face with the product. After a few days of trial, I also noticed how my skin isn’t as oily as before. And, even underneath minimal makeup, my skin feels light and glowing, two things it never felt like when I was using chemical-based formulations.


Throughout the trial, I also note that I haven’t had any breakouts, and that’s a good thing. So, all said, it’s a promising, and quite egg-cellent, new beauty product.

Future Fixture

From my first impression of it, I feel like I’ll buy it again. The effects are noticeable and realistic, so Bellissima has very good chances of becoming a fixture in my beauty regimen, now, and even in the future.  Plus, I’d like to have more chances to eggs-perience its other effects, so yes, Imma continue using it.

There goes my initial foray into upping my beauty routine. Thanks to this egg-citing product, I have a feeling that I’m off to a good start.

Bellissima Egg White Soap is available at Puregold supermarkets 😀




OOTD Shoot ft DSLR, Laundry Basket, and Jewelry Box (Part 1)


Been wanting to shoot an OOTD piece for ages, but I’m so reluctant to appear in it. Plus, I’m dead on the equipment side: no one to shoot me and no decent mobile cam. DSLR’s not an option because I look horrible in high-res, and besides, who’s going to work that cam for me? But hey…girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do, and voila, I shot OOTDs and more using a DSLR on timer with the help of a laundry basket and a jewelry box!


I haven’t been out lately, so my pretty clothes haven’t seen the light of day for quite some time, which is sad, and also, all the more reason to put them on display. Had a lot of fun dressing up for the day, so I hope you pick up some good stuff from my “comeback” entry (I AM SO SORRY FOR BEING MIA FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH) 😀 Let the OOTDs finally take the spotlight!

Dressing Up

My grandma from Canada got me this subtly sexy striped cotton wrap-around dress. Though I’ve never worn it out yet, I know I will because it’s flattering and comfortable AF. Fabric’s really soft, and the fit’s a break from my usual go-to pampasexy look (the balot na balot and hapit one).

Though the neckline’s dangerously low and not compliant with my dad’s dress code, I find that the right underwear is an easy fix. Opt for a bra with lace cover up, or maybe a bandeau.

The yellow number is easily one of my favorite closet staples because ang lakas maka-Kris Aquino. Got it from a tiangge in Farmer’s Cubao and I’ve been wearing it when I’m lazy to pick out clothes. It’s a good shade of yellow: not too bright and perfect for yellow-undertoned-skinned Chinese peeps like moi. Because it’s fit and flare, it flatters pretty much all body shapes so yes. Perfect.


I don’t wear shorts, but this pair’s an exception. Our yaya got me this from the market for 50 pesos, and I love it! Sulit, grabe. This pair fits just right because I can still breathe in it and my thighs don’t suffer from painful chub rubs in it, even after hours of walking. Yay.

Because of this pair, I found that the right fit can complement your thicc-ness. If you’re pear or hourglass shaped, choose high-waist ones that are loose on the thigh areas.

Because shorts generally go well with anything, you can go ahead and wear whatever you like. For me though, I go with bright, covered up tops to balance off the skin shown. Hehe.

Ways for Two-way

Two-way blouses are on-trend, and for good reason: they’re easy-breezy and versatile. They’re even better in white because white looks great on anyone. Wear it as a shift blouse for casual getaways, and go off-shoulder for dressier occasions. Tuck it in mom jeans or any high-waist pants for the sweet yet posh look.

This set of OOTDs is a combination of old and mostly new closet staples. Hopefully I’d get around to wear them out more often. Anyway, this shoot turned out quite well, didn’t it? Then, this is another thing that I’d like to do more often. 🙂

This is one of my fave entries so far, because it’s a result of trying something new. These days have been difficult for trying new things because I get anxious about the minute details. But hey, this came out great 😀 Blogging about these things is something I’d want to do more of. But trying…now that’s something I’d want to do even more of. 🙂

And…wrapping it up with this in the meantime. Catch the second part soon! 😀 If not, please bug me. Hehe. ❤



Life Lessons from Being the Maid of Honor

More than half a year ago, my sister confirmed her engagement. We were all happy for her, but truth be told, I dreaded the announcement. Being the frugal, stubborn, indecisive,and hands-on person that she is, I’m sure she will not employ a wedding coordinator. And as her one and only design savvy sister, I’m almost a hundred percent sure I will have to step into the role, on top of being the maid of honor. It was bound to be stressful, and, given my dislike for big family affairs, I was sorely tempted to back out.

Sorry sister. I didn’t think I was willing to work that hard for you. But of course even I’m surprised that I am. 😉

Anyway, that was more than 8 months back, and time went by so fast. One month came after the other, and thankfully,  I was able to prepare, though it didn’t make the occasion any less overwhelming. When the day came, however, it felt like I’ve been at it all along. Being her maid of honor wasn’t all that different from being her sister. 

There was much to pick up from the novel, albeit stressful, experience. Take these from my first, and maybe last, maid of honor stint. 


I guess the reason MOH-ing didn’t feel different from being the bride’s sister is that the occasion is hers. And it kind of always been that way since we were young, whether she agrees or not. She always had the spotlight, was everyone’s favorite, no matter how stubborn or occasionally annoyingly noisy she was. She charms everyone, and though that wasn’t easy to swallow, I got used to it. Being maid of honor on her special day is just bringing that setup to a bigger stage, so it wasn’t much of a stretch. 

There’s no room for being a diva on a wedding day where you’re playing support. She and the occasion should be the priority. Kahit mainit o naka-heels ka, if you need to run somewhere to get something for  a her, do it. Kung nagtataray na siya, huwag mong sabayan. Gawan mo ng paraan. And if you’re a bridesmaidzilla or anything like that, keep your problems to, and solve them by, yourself. Don’t give her anything more to worry about. Ngarag na ang bride and, chances are, mangangarag ka rin. But it’s her day; in her behalf, make sure na lang that everything is taken care of and going well. Ibalato mo na sa kanya; it’s just one day.

Be ready to rise to the occasion. 

Kung may coordinator, swerte mo. At least you can relax a bit. Kung wala, iyak na lang. 😂😂😂 Seriously, though. Regardless of her having one or not, you will have to rise to the demands of the occasion. There’s bound to be lots of mishaps, and you have to be ready to attend to them. Be it her need for a bottle of water, safety pins, and other wedding essentials, or the guests’ clamor for a fun yet short night, you have to have them all in check.

I’ve had my briefing months before, when she brought me along to  see all the wedding suppliers. She had me choose the flowers, the arrangements, and the color motif; heck, even the style of her own wedding dress! When we went to get the mock-ups and see the couturier, I had to wear a dress in the same shade as her motif so we can make sure that we got the right color. 

So, yes. The occasion, apart from the bride, has many demands of its own, and some of them will come up on the spot. Be ready to face them.

Tips, anyone? Here’re some of mine:

1. Bring a bag containing:

Tissue paper

Feminine pads 



Bobby pins

Safety pins

Checklists of everything needed at the wedding 

USB with all wedding -related files (audio, video, images)

Copy of wedding flow and program


Pocket wifi (especially handy if she doesn’t have a coordinator, for the last-minute file downloads of AVPs and audio or whatnot)


*Remember to make room for small wedding gifts and notes, though. Pretty sure friends will hand them to you for safekeeping. 

2. Wear platforms. Heels are off limits when you’re doubling as runner. Opt for platforms to get height and comfort. 

3. Always be on stand by near the entrance, both at the church and the restaurant or events place. Because yes, people will be looking for you to do shitloads of stuff.

4. Have your game face on. The wedding might have games or other activities. As MOH, you need to participate. Mandamay ka na rin, while you’re at it. Kawawa naman si bride, baka mapahiya. 

Those are my tips, so far. Will add more if and when I remember other stuff.

Let her shine.

It’s a given that she should take centerstage. The MOH should always think of complementing the bride and not outshining her. Paano? Idaan sa pagsunod sa color motif. Keep makeup light and natural, hairstyle soft and feminine. Wear fewer blings than she does, and dapat iba talaga ang cut ng damit nyo. If body hugging sa kanya, go ka with the flowy style. And! Never show a lot of skin, huy. Kasal to teh, what’s more, kasal ng soul sister, bff, Basta, a very special woman in your life. Hindi ito okasyon para magmaganda ka. 

But it doesn’t mean you can’t shine. 

Let’s face it. On the wedding day, you’re the primary PA to the bride. But it shouldn’t be a reason for you to look shabby and haggard. At a wedding, everything should look perfect, including you. 

Luckily for me, despite the challenging MOH duties, our HMUA of choice, Naturale by Nins, kept us looking perfect all throughout the event. Sa wakas, nakatikim din ng artistahing makeup ang lola mo! And let’s not forget the gown. Couturier Paul Santos of Coutuba Couture did an amazing job with our gowns. Finally, lahat ng di ko naranasan sa prom at grad ball, nabigay lahat on the wedding ^_^ needless to say, we looked and felt stunning during the wedding. Winner!

And you will shine, as you do everything with love. Not anyone can be MOH to the bride, and the fact that she chose you means you are important to her, and she to you. So as you carry out your many duties, ngarag as you are, do them all with love. 

As much as I didn’t want to be all panicky and busy on the day, I thought, if it were my day, my sister surely would have done the same. So despite the apprehensions, it’s really a go. And when you’re already there, even you will be surprised at what you’re willing to do (e.g. Run around the church and sing a not-so-well-rehearsed special number)just to make things great for the dear bride and everyone she loves.

Your time will come.

I’m single with a lot of personal issues to contend with, and attending a wedding and doing so many, many things for someone whom I’m always compared to is one of the hardest things I have ever done. It’s draining and frustrating to be maid of honor at my current state of mind and heart. But I’m not just her MOH. I’m her sister, and when the day came, as other days did, that mattered more. 

If you’re frustratedly single or impatiently waiting to become a bride yourself, and then you’re thrusted into the maid of honor position, enjoy the moment. I understand how hard that can be but it’s a once in a lifetime event you’re lucky to be a part of! 🙂 Go! You’ll have your turn one day. 

It gets old, I know. But don’t ruin the day just because you have that “kelan naman kaya ako” etched at the back of your head. I have been waiting 23 years, frustratedly, and I made it a point to enjoy the day–her turn, and the succeeding days, until I get mine. 

And I am excited for when I finally get there. If catching the bouquet is any indication, then maybe I won’t have to wait that long anymore. Haha. Fingers crossed. 🙂

It doesn’t end at the wedding.

MOH-ing to the sister is a lifetime thing for me, and I have come to terms with it so many times. God willing, I’ll be around for more milestones. Hopefully, less stressful this time hahaha. And of course, God willing, she’ll be around when I have mine, too. 

Wedding’s over, and though I hate to admit it, MOH-ing is pretty fun. Sa mga friends ko na ikakasal sa future, please get a coordinator if ako ang maid of honor hahaha. Yoko na pong mastress. 

For now, I’ll take a breather. Been an honor (and also a horror hahaha) to be maid of honor. Now officially relieved of MOH duties. 🙂 But as sister and friend, it’s obviously not the end. 

Summer Shimmer; Starting Over

Summer came around a bit earlier this year, won’t you agree? The days are longer and the skies are brighter. Of course, the sun’s beginning to roast our skin, even sans the beach-y setting. And summery stuff also start popping up, here and there. Summery stuff like what, you say?

Summery stuff like the Summer Glow Makeup Workshop by Beauty Squad On the Go, which I attended last Sunday. 🙂 Pro makeup artist and hairstylist Nins, whose workshop I also attended around two months back, invited me to the fun 2-hour session which she, along with her friends and pro HMUAs Kat Nazario and Reese del Rosario, held in her studio in QC.


Image from: Beauty Squad On the Go FB Page

Because the talented ladies are going to hold a 4-hour session this coming Saturday, I won’t spill a lot of details. I’ll just let you in on what you can look forward to.

  1. Copping the summer glow-Obviously, summer makeup ain’t heavy on product layering, but it still involves that. In this workshop, you’ll learn to layer products properly, so you don’t end up looking cakey and sun-melted, and look glowing and sun-kissed, instead.
  2. Slaying the season with easy-to-pull off and manage hairstyles-Want chic braids, beach waves, and messy high buns you can rock in and out of the beach? Let the Beauty Squad pros teach you how to do them all.
  3. Pictorial-Because, of course, getting dolled up won’t ever be complete without those beauty shots, taken by Lemons to Lemonade Project, no less. Such a great way to have your shining moment. 😉

Excited yet? There’s still ONE SLOT left for this Saturday’s Summer Glow Workshop by Beauty Squad On the Go. Check their Facebook page for more details and updates 😀

Starting Over

I get excited whenever summer comes around. Though I don’t have beach escapades or lengthy vacations, I see summer as a time to get started with new things. The sun rises real high, and so should I!

A couple of months back, I was looking forward to company outings with colleagues and trips with college friends. Now that the season has begun, I’m not where I originally planned to be. I had my last day at work just this Tuesday, so no company outing with my girls. Trips? Hmm, maybe not yet, without funding from a stable job.

So, yes. Instead of planning summer activities, here I am, starting over. It’s pretty scary, but it’s not half bad. There’s still so much in store for me and my loved ones: job interviews, homecomings, adopting new habits, among other things. Can’t wait to write about them soon. 🙂 And looking forward to starting over this summer, with my newfound (literal and figurative) glow and shimmer.;)


K-Beauty Bias: Nature Republic

March is Women’s Month, and as my ladies are requesting for beauty entries, I happily oblige with another set of beauty recommendations, this time, from K-beauty brand, Nature Republic 😀 It’s obviously a favorite, as you may recall that I swear by its 92% aloe vera gel on previous entries (am actually concocting another hack using it, so stay updated :D).

Recently, I just realized that I’ve actually been using a number of other NR products, apart from the much beloved aloe vera gel and sunblock. Here’s a little throwback, btw.


And I’m more than happy to recommend them to you. Here are some prized buys from my K-beauty Bias, Nature Republic.

Facial Wash: Nature Republic Shea Butter Real Nature Foam Cleanser


I’ve actually tried the aloe vera version of this, and while it’s great, I feel like this one’s better suited for my skin care routine. Shea butter moisturizes, while the foamy texture leaves skin clean and supple, without the stinging feeling most liquid facial washes and soaps cause. And, it’s great for washing off light everyday makeup. This is perfect for preliminary cleansing, before applying makeup, night creams, toners, astringents and what-have-you’s.

Evening Moisturizer: Nature Republic Aqua Super Aqua Max  (Combination Watery Cream)


This is my mom’s discovery when she was on the lookout for pore-minimizing products. It has a cooling and hydrating effect, which keeps the pores from opening up when they shouldn’t. The watery texture is light, ideal for a pre-snooze beauty habit. And boy, does it smell great. Biggest deal-maker for this? No breakouts and fresh-looking skin in the morning.

Hair Care: Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Hair Care Essence


I don’t have a lot of problems with my hair, so I’m not really big on hair care. But because my sis brought this bottle of argan oil home from Korea, and she guilt-tripped me into using it, I made an accidental discovery in the NR Argan. There are a lot of other similar products out there, so why get it from Nature Republic? IDK. Kidding!

Well, main ingredient’s organic argan oil, which means you’re getting what you really intended to purchase and use (legit natural argan oil for softer, shinier and healthier hair). Another is the bottle. One press lets out enough oil for the tips of your hair, usually the driest part, so you don’t end up wasting the product. The 60ml bottle is actually quite a lot and can last you for months, depending on hair length and usage. Oh, and plus points to the non-sticky feeling even when my head’s all sweaty.

When NR first came to North EDSA, I only tried the products out to get a Jang Geun Suk standee because I absolutely adore him. There’s proof below HAHAHA. That’s circa 2011.


After using them, however, I’d say the brand’s really got some good stuff, so it inadvertently became my go-to for K-beauty products. 😀

Anyway, if you’re looking for a price list, do head over to the newly established Nature Republic website,, for updated details and products, of course. Visit the stores, too!

That’s my K-beauty picks from my bias, in this entry. How about you? Feel free to tell me about it. Till the next entry! ❤


Local Goodies in My Beauty Loot

Lately I’ve been getting lots of questions about makeup recommendations. As I’m experiencing a bit of a writer’s block, the queries are very much welcome 😀 It’s like a much-awaited dash of inspo, so thanks, my readers, for trusting me to suggest good beauty stuff to add to your loot! *cries*

Anyway, to answer your questions, let me give you a peek of my own kit, beginning with the goodies you can easily score in drugstores or any department store’s beauty section. Yup, you got that right. We’re talking local beauty fixes! Here are my picks:


 GT Clarifiance, PHP 85 at Watsons

What I love about it: Clarifiance has witch hazel extract, which is proven effective in removing acne and acne scars. They’ve been my problem for quite a while now, and just recently, I had this unsightly breakout on my chin. It looked like a bad case of allergy, as the entire area was covered with acne. Within a month of using the product every other night before I sleep, after washing my face, the pimples flattened, softened, and visibly lightened. Such a great buy, this one.

 Tip for use: wipe face using cotton, then use the other side of the cotton to dab a small amount of toner to pimples. This lets the area absorb more of the product. Apply once every other day.

 Hand and Nail Cream

 Beauty Fix Green Tea Hand and Nail Cream from Watsons, PHP 85

What I love about it: Actually not entirely sure if this is local, but it’s good stuff so I recommend it. The scent is mild, and it doesn’t feel thick or sticky against my skin. This is a must, especially because I’m the pasmado type. Moisturizing and smells great.

 Tips for use: Apply small drops to nails first before spreading to hands. Nails are essentially skin, too, so they need nourishment just as well.


 Ever Bilena Pencil Eyeliner, PHP 100

What I love about it: Easy to use and defining. Though it’s not exactly smudge-proof, it’s pretty long lasting. Gets me through my eight-hour shift without making me look like a panda, though it does fade a bit.

 Tips for use: Don’t rub eyes while wearing it, and make oil blotting paper your best friend. I think it works best on not-so-oily skin. And, dab sweatdrops so it doesn’t smudge.



Nichido Blush in Cool Rum, PHP 80

 What I love about it: The shade doesn’t look dolly on me and blends well with my skin. Just the right color for me.

 Tips for use: Apply with a blush brush, and if you’re ma-pisngi, don’t do circular strokes. Line from cheekbone to the hollow of the cheek then blend using fingers.

 Lip liner

 Fashion 21 nude lip liner, PHP 100

What I love about it: The nude shade is very close to my lip color, so overlapping a different color of lippie doesn’t look awkward. Tried using it with both lipstick and liquid lippie. It gives me a well-defined yet not over-the-top pout, which is great.

 Tips for use: Draw following your lips’ original shape and you’ll be fine. Don’t go pointy, though, lest it’ll look cartoon-y.



Image from:

 EB Matte in Vivid Violet, PHP 165

San San Creamy Matte in Carmine, PHP 151

What I love about both: Colors, of course! Vivid Violet is just the right amount of fierce, while Carmine is the perfect everyday shade for those who love red, but want a hint of sweetness to balance the boldness. It’s slightly pink with pearl finish. And both are equally long-lasting.

 Tips for use: If you’re prone to getting chapped lips, apply aloe vera gel or lip balm first. Then, shape with lip liner before wearing these lippies.

 Those are the local goodies I currently have in my beauty loot. Will let you know when I add more. Got other suggestions for amazing local makeup products? Feel free to hit me up. 😀

Your Natural Beauty, Made Better:Workshop By Naturale Makeup Services


Nins San Agustin of Naturale Makeup Services is the fairy godmother who teaches you how to work that magic wand. How do I know? Last week, I signed up for Nins’ 5-hour basic makeup workshop, held in 87 Scout Delgado St, Tomas Morato Quezon City, and though I didn’t walk out of her door a pro (because that requires years of practice), I went home knowing about and enjoying skincare and the art of makeup, so much more!

The Instructor


Photo from: Makeup by NINS

Nins San Agustin is a professional hair and makeup artist who runs her own makeup studio. She also offers eyebrowdery services. Nins mostly specializes in doing hair and makeup for different occasions, such as weddings and debuts. The goal of her work? To enhance her clients’ appearance by highlighting their defining features, without making them look like somebody else.

In short: naturally beautiful with a touch of magic. Nins opened the workshop proper by saying, “Di tayo nagme-makeup para magmukhang artista or magka-boyfriend. We do this to enhance what we already have. Dumating tayo rito na maganda na tayong lahat.” Pak! Agree.

The Workshop

The workshop was designed for a small group (there were six of us last week), so learning can be more personalized and hands-on. On the work area were mirrors, brushes, and Nins’s complete array of makeup and skincare products, which she’d let us use. And, let’s not forget the makeup manual which she authored herself.

The manual is the structure of the workshop, and it centers on creating a unique makeup arsenal and routine just for you. Before diving right into the products and how to use them, Nins discussed the factors that determine each of our makeup looks and must-haves. These include face shape and skin type, among other things. She then talked about the products that should make it to our personal kits.

Some that she suggested are:


Eyebrow pencil


Color corrector and concealer- *for the color corrector, the green one is ideal for those with red patches and discoloration on their skin, while the orange one works well for correcting dark circles under the eyes.


Nins gave a lot of emphasis in keeping the skin moisturized before applying makeup, as it conditions it, keeps it healthy, and let’s makeup stay longer. “No matter what skin type you have, you need to moisturize. If you have oily skin, the more you need to. Your skin secretes oil because it lacks moisture, so use hydrating products before applying makeup and after removing it.

She then followed it up by telling us the correct order of layering the products: toner, moisturizer, pore enclosing product, primer (optional), color corrector, foundation,concealer and other cream makeup, and then finally, setting powder and other powder products for contouring, and blush. Nins asked us to remove every bit of makeup from our faces (oh no! Hahaha) to get started with the hands-on part of the workshop. Let the makeup magic begin!


We layered each product and were able to create a base that turned our faces into clean canvases for the makeup techniques. After applying the foundation, Nins asked us to measure our brows (Yas! Kilay is life!) with respect to the sides of our nose, so we can define our ideal brow shape.

These are the markings we follow when we groom and define our arches. Nins taught us a simple technique to properly draw our brows.

  1. Lightly line the bottom of the brow, following the markings we did earlier.
  2. Do the same with the top part of the brow and make sure the tips of both lines meet at the end of the brow.
  3. Fill in the brows by coloring with the pencil.
  4. Get rid of the rough edges using a spoolie (pictured below). Set the hair in place with a brow gel.


Image from: PopSugar

After this, we did the makeup for the rest of our faces, learning basic cream contouring in the process.While she told us that we can contour as darkly as we want to, Nins did caution us to stick to brown shades of makeup with yellow undertones to avoid looking muddy when we’re blending the contour. She shared a secret: going for a continuous number “3” shape on each side of the face, beginning from the hair line, to the hollows of the cheeks, to the jaw and chin.

Another recommendation is highlighting using concealer to enhance the parts of the face. We’re always reminded to keep blending everything carefully, for natural-looking results.

The Deal-maker

While all the steps and tips are worth learning, the workshop’s main deal-maker, IMO, is  the eye makeup part. With Nins’ demonstration and assistance, I finally found the right look for my hooded eyes, and conquered my fear of applying eyeliner  and falsies! Yay! The secret? Light, stable hands and concealer to erase the eyeliner runs. For the falsies, eyelash glue is everything.

Just a little lippie, blush, and translucent powder (for that makinis glow), and we all have the natural yet leveled up look! That’s me when the workshop began…


…and after it ended 😀


The Overall Verdict

I love the instructor, the workshop, and the results! Nins is very generous and ready to share everything she knows. Makeup services may be her business, but through this session, she showed us that it’s her passion above all. It’s safe to say that she empowered all the participants to find a beauty routine that works for them, and I’m sure we all agree that the workshop is worth our while. 🙂

Soooo…if you’re a makeup lover interested in learning more, and having fun while you’re at it, give this fairy godmother a visit at Naturale Makeup Services in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. And, follow her social media accounts for updates on her workshop schedules! Better yet, book her services for your events. Her works speak for themselves. 😉

Wouldn’t you want to work that wand with Nins, too? Of course, you do. ❤

Bags for Winning Outfits


Perfect OOTD formulas aren’t complete without eye-catching accents. Be it a chunky necklace, dainty earrings, or sparkly cocktail rings, nothing beats the “wow” factor these finishing touches add to your outfit.

Practical shoppers-slash-commuters like me love a solid and functional accessory to finish off any look, and for that, there’s a great selection of bags to turn to. 😀 If you aren’t sure how to incorporate totes into your outfits yet, lemme give you a few tips:

Big Bags
Understated outfits consisting of solid and neutral colors and minimal prints go very well with big bags. They make for a classy and put-together look, with the tote highlighting the entire outfit and vice versa.

Sling Bags
Small sling bags can go from day to night, and even the commutes in between. Because you can put them on your sides or right in front of you, where you can easily keep track of your belongings, di ka na masasalisihan.

Style a fashown OOTD or OOTN with a nice sling bag in an interesting shape and hue. Use one with details such as metallic chains to complement a dainty floral dress or a sexy leather number.


Because of their structured design, satchels can easily lend a tougher, more professional feel to your outfit. As such, they’re amazing, on-trend bags for work. Take your polo, blazer, and slacks combo up a notch with a solid-colored or dual-toned satchel.
You may also want to carry one around to add a fresh and stylish contrast to your utra-femme and preppy looks.
I dig the schoolgirl charm and the roominess, so backpacks are my favorite. I use one to work, so I’d suggest pairing a faux leather with tailored polos and pencil skirts. Shirt dresses also look cute with them. They balance an uptight look by giving it a casual spin.

Or you can opt for the usual jeans, tee, sneakers, cap, and backpack combo for the weekends.

Printed Pouches
They’re essentially small bags and are perfect for the girl whose entire bag consists of a kikay kit and cellphone. If you’re that girl, why not update your compact loot with a quirky pouch? Monochrome ones with metal details give your outfits just the right amount of shine, while the ones with bolder and maybe, cartoonier designs, are an unexpected twist to cocktail or evening getups.

For an assortment of bags that pack a punch and add a winning element to your outfits, check out the styles available at N.Cat stores. Here are some that I spotted on my previous visits:

Follow their Facebook page and visit a store near you, and bag that winning look in no time. 🙂

My Fave Tiangge Outfits

A few weeks ago, I wrote about tiangge shopping etiquette. Today, I’m going to show off some of my proudest and most affordable finds, most of which make up my favorite outfits 😀 Everything here costs less than 500 pesos, perfect for a budget shopper like me. Here they are 😀


Stretchable yellow waffle dress from Farmer’s Cubao Bazaar, Php 350

Pink lace dress with lining from Farmer’s Cubao Bazaar- Php 250, Belt, Php 50

Printed arrow black and white cotton dress from a shop in Katipunan, Php 150



Blue skirt from St. Francis Square, Php 100; Lace top from Landmark Bazaar, Php 250

Pink top from Eleven Six Nine Clothing, Php 150; Floral skirt from Market! Market! bazaar, Php 100

Cream polo from a bazaar in school, Php 150; Leopard pants from 168 Mall, Php 150

Plain black top from Farmer’s Cubao Bazaar, Php 90; Black skirt from Farmer’s Cubao Bazaar, Php 250

I know a lot of people who think tiangge clothes easily wear out, age, and tear. It must be because of the price difference, because when it comes to clothes, you get what you pay for, right? Well, I dunno if I’m just lucky, but some of the items I posted here, like the pink dress, the lace top, the polo, and the leopard pants, have been my closet staples for around 3-4 years now, and they’re still holding up just fine 😀 And I wear them often because we didn’t have uniforms in university. The dress and the polo even made it to my yearbook 🙂 yup, those are my graduation photos.

My tip for scoring bazaar finds that will last you a couple of years? Look at how they’re stitched up. Make sure they’re tight and aren’t frayed when you buy them, and always ask for new stocks.

I still have other know-how’s to share on finding adorable and long-lasting bazaar outfits that are worth your money and closet space, but I’ll save them for another entry 😀 This is it for now 🙂

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