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Pseudo Styling

I Tried to Do a “Real” Full Face + Hairstyle

Been putting off doing a legit full face makeup for ages. Kept saying I don’t have all the stuff, and I didn’t want to buy more than what I know I can use often. Also, if you’ve been reading my entries, I’m a budget babe. Of late, though, I’ve been watching beauty gurus bake their faces, and I really wanted to try.

Almost put it off again, when I chanced upon the Nichido Finishing Powder, priced at only Php 150, with a big container of product. Alright, no more excuses. I got to go try baking and do a “real” full face while I’m at it.

I also thought it would be fun to do my hair to match the makeup. After all, if I’m going to do a legit look, might as well fix those tresses, too. And top the look off with accessories. Enough with the chit chat; let’s get the full faced, full look, going.

The Look


Image from Pinterest

I dig the Korean makeup look–dewy, fresh, feminine, and still edgy. What’s more, it goes perfectly with virtually any OOTD and accessory, and you can easily take it from day to night. A popular Korean makeup trend nowadays is soft eye look using light neutrals or blush colors. Another is the ombre lip, which is easily doable with a tint that can double as blush. All these, topped on bright, lightly made up skin, make for a classy go-to glam and everyday look.

My Version of It


I don’t have blemish-free glowing skin, and I oil up quite fast, so I won’t use oily, light coverage products, which are common in Korean brands. Instead, I’m opting for my tried and true face products–the Nature Republic No Sebum Provence Calendula sunblock (has matte finish), L’Oreal True Match Foundation in shade N3, The Faceshop stick concealer (2nd to the lightest shade), and setting it in place with the Nichido Finishing Powder. All set to apply:

L: Prepped with moisturizer (Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel) and sunblock. Applied liquid foundation, let it dry for a minute, then apply another layer.

R: Applied concealer on the forehead, under-eyes, and chin for highlight. Blended then applied the powder on the highlighted areas.



To cop the soft eye look, I picked up a shimmery eyeshadow (the smallest circle component) from Nichido also, in the shade Electrifying Pink. For its name, it is so subtle, and there’s not much pigment. So I put some of my old blush on my lids and topped it with the shadow, for the pink to pop.

Also put on eyeliner, which RAN OUT as I was doing my left eye *cries*…so I just dipped the applicator into the mascara (bad idea) and cleaned the excess up using the translucent powder and eyeshadow. Then mascara. For eyebrows, I used a brand-less brown brow pencil and attempted to do a Korean brow. Which I don’t think I succeeded in HAHA.

Lip and Cheek

For blush, I used the eyeshadow and just built it up for the color to show. And for the lips, I attempted to do an ombre, lining the shape and the center of my lips with the pink liquid lippie I mixed before, and blending it out with my Ever Bilena matte lipstick in Mauvey, with a lip brush.

Brushed the bake off and here’s the full face:



Next up, I Googled some easy hair styles for mid-length hair. One of the top results that came up was the man bun. It’s a half ponytail with a messy top bun. To do it, I tied my hair into a half ponytail, folded the ponytail into a bun and secured it with the same scrunchy, then held the loose strands in place with bobby pins.

Also changed wardrobe and got accessories that I think will add edge to the look.


Here’s the look:

I like the swag of it. What do you think? 😀

As I loosened the bun, my hair tousled down into waves, and I liked how it looked. So here it is:

I’m glad I finally stopped putting this off, because I love the results and I also learned something new.  Of course this in’t pro quality, but it’s always good to practice, isn’t it? 🙂

Will you try these looks out for yourself? I say, why not? 😉


I Challenged Myself to Recreate My Grad Ball Look

So last night it hit me that it’s been exactly a year today since I resigned from my full-time job. Couldn’t help but get sentimental…last year, I was so anxious about what’s going to come next, when I’m going to land a job again, and how I’ll overcome the problems I had, and still continue to have, at that time.

One year later, here I am…technically unemployed but with four clients (I’m currently a freelance social media manager, writer, and occasional graphic designer). And at a much better place, mentally and emotionally. 🙂 There were rough patches but hey, it’s a hell of a ride, and I’m super thankful ❤

I find me all nostalgic and mushy around this time…probably because it’s also the graduation period (at least during my time hahaha). Had a light bulb moment thanks to that; to celebrate gratefulness and my graduation from many negative events and thinking patterns from the past year, why not recreate my grad ball look? 😀


This isn’t an actual recreation, though…Imma cheat because I don’t have surviving photos from our grad ball anymore. It’s been ages! But I still have the dress, the shawl, and the handmade earrings my BFF designed just for me that night, so there’s enough to revisit. 🙂 Plus, I can kinda do my makeup now, so…let’s get into it!

The Dress

It’s been to two graduation balls: my sister’s and mine. And, truth be told, I hated it because it has spaghetti straps and I don’t wear sleeveless clothes. AT ALL. Plus, my sister is a waif, so though the dress is spandex, it fits her and me VERY differently. But oh well, it’s just one night. Trying it on after 7 years made me nervous: does it still even fit? It does, thank God.


The Accessories

Because I was, and still am, so conscious of my rounded arms, my mom bought a sparkly purple shawl to go with the dress. And the handmade earrings, too. My BFF Mari added a very classic and princess-y touch to this simple getup with her creation. Isn’t it lovely?


The Makeup

My sister did my makeup then, and she used mostly eyeshadows and blush. Now, I don’t have an eyeshadow palette so I just did liner, mascara, and a swipe of vampy violet lipstick (which I didn’t have before). Here’s the look:


And here’s the night’s full getup 🙂


Cleaned up pretty well, I must say 😉 I had so much fun doing this, and I think this is quite an amazing way to celebrate the many big and small things that have happened the past years (apart from reflecting and being thankful, of course). Hope you enjoyed this glam up as much as I did 🙂 Till the next blog post.

#SMgotBags: Super Nice Pink Bags for the Tita Kris in Your Life

As I was browsing Youtube a few weeks ago, my subscriber notif showed a new video from The Aquinos’ Youtube channel. I clicked to see a thumbnail of the Kris Aquino, loving her shopping trip at SM. I, like many millennials, have discovered a newfound and probably long overdue appreciation of the Philippines’ Queen of All Media and OG Tita of Manila. And there’s an SM store just right across where I live.

Of course, I watched it. And pretty much all of the videos in her channel (I love her look books). If you’ve gotten into the habit of binge watching her vids, then you’d know she loves shopping, bags, and the color pink. Most importantly, you’ll know she’s a totally relatable and multifaceted woman, so much so that you can see parts of her in the women in your life.

This said, I thought, why not put these Tita Kris elements together for a gift guide entry? Without further ado, I present to you a couple of super nice pink bags from SM, for the Tita Kris in your life, whoever she may be. 🙂 Let’s go!

Embroidered Body Bags for Tita Kris, the Posh Trouper


Kris adores flowers and flowers on lovely pinks make the perfect combo. Know a woman who’s a fashionable trouper just like the kween? Take your pick from these feminine and easy to carry around body bags, perfect for holding the essentials (wallet, tablet, basic makeup kit, hair brush, tissue paper) in place  while still keeping the aesthetic on point. Ideal as a pang-commute bag, doubling as an OOTD staple.

Price range: P290-P490 (Bella Donna and Kimbel)

Embellished Handbags for Tita Kris, the Sweet and Sophisticated Girl Boss


While pink isn’t often associated with power dressing, the right shades can still lend a touch of sophistication to any girl boss outfit. Veer away from solid candy shades and choose bags with classy details na malakas maka-sosyal. The key adjectives: understated and polished for the embellishments, and structured for the bag itself.

Structure adds edge and contrast to the subtlety of pink, and solid shaped bags often come as handbags. The girl boss in your life could sweeten up a power look with embellished, structured handbags, like the ones pictured above. To quote Tita Kris, “Look like you mean business but still look like a celebrity.”

Price Range: P490-P4000(Kimbel)

Roomy Backpacks and Shoulder Bags for Tita Kris, the LH Fam Woman


Si Tita Kris ang nagpauso ng LH (laging handa), but long before she coined the term, we already know one (or a couple of) such woman in our lives. Roomy bags with lots of compartments are the bags for them. An ate, mom, or tita who has a habit of bringing half of the home, or an entire department store, inside their totes, won’t mind having one.

SM’s got these roomy, versatile choices for your number one LH fam woman. Compartments, secret zippers, a whole lot of space, and a whole lot of style? CHECK.

Price range: P600-P1300 (Parisian, Zoe, and Secosana)

Dainty Mini Bags for Tita Kris, the Brunch-On-the-Go, Cowgirl Ate/BFF


A mental image of Tita Kris is usually that of an always glammed up, extra, and sosy woman. But, with her family, friends, and fans, she can be the cowgirl, strike anywhere girl you can take on a fast food lunch and a shopping trip to Divisoria (she had one with Kim Chiu on Kris TV). For the always game chill out buddy, small bags are the perfect gifts, as they’re casual, easy to carry around, and still dressy.

Price Range: P290- P1300 (Zoe and Kimbel)

Glam Shiny Purses for Tita Kris, Ninang of All Media


It’s very easy to picture Kris as a ninang (principal sponsor) in weddings, because she’s been one to a couple of high-profile celebrity unions. Hopefully, in God’s time, she’ll get her turn to be the bride naman. Anyway, we all know and love a woman who frequents weddings as a ninang. Why not help her accessorize and dazzle during the occasion?

SM Parisian’s got you covered with these shiny rose gold purses that finish off any formal look with just the right amount of sparkle.

Price Range: P500-P1200 (Parisian)

Honorable Mention: This Unique Cutout Bucket Bag

Because sa dami ng pinagdaanan ni Tita Kris, cut her off, hanapan mo ng butas, etc, she’ll stand tall and prove to you that she’ll come out more amazing than she ever did.


There’s only one Kris Aquino, but we see parts of her in the women we love. And, it’s great that style-wise, SM has a lot of chic choices in store for our own Tita Krises, starting with these pink bags. The holidays are a time for giving, so let’s keep the spirit of generosity alive, and give to the givers, like the Tita Krises in our lives. 😉

PS For the real Tita Kris tho…let’s pray that she’ll continue to be blessed, and that she may find love, because she gives a lot of love. Love love love for her!


Gifts for the Squad @ N.Cat

I was browsing the Paisley Purpose folder for a bit and just having a lot of fun going back to the places this blog has taken me to. One of them is N.Cat, Korea’s number one accessories shop, which is one of the reasons I learned to commute to BGC (their branches are close to the business center). So, it’s no surprise that I have a dedicated folder for the shop, which contains a hundred or so photos.

Over the course of a year, I think I’ve created around 5 articles about it, and I’ve never run out of angles because there’s just so much to write about in there! As I looked through the photos I’ve accumulated the past year, I figured they’re perfect to write a gift guide with. That’s exactly what I’m going to do!

N.Cat’s pink and white aesthetic and wide array of accessories may scream girly, but I see a couple of stuff perfect for pals of different personalities. There are even some for the dudes. So, here are a few gift ideas from N.Cat you can definitely check out for the squad.

Them Girls

For the Barkada Mom/Tita

Roomy, printed totes have enough space for that girl who always seems to magically be able to bring all the important stuff. From tissue papers, extra pads, a bottle of water, a powerbank, bags of chips, and other must-haves for survival, these cute bags can hold them all together in style. Your mother, or tita, hen, will surely appreciate it.

Price range: 200-300 pesos


The quintessential Tita of Manila, suki ng Mary Grace in your bunch, can up her aesthetic with a classy string of pearls or this on-trend flower necklace. Let this timeless accessory lend a dash of senyora-ness to her savage. Peg: Kris Aquino.

Price range: 200-400 pesos

For the Bakasyonista

hats 2.JPG

We all have that one friend who never seems to run out of beach escapades. Pretty hats like these are sure to be welcome additions to her travel arsenal, and staples to her beach OOTDs.

For the Soul Sister

The trick to getting the perfect gift for a soul sister is thinking of stuff she’ll actually find useful, and consider sharing with you. HAHAHA. Your BFF or real-life sis can use an adorable shower headband for her pampering sessions. Cute belts are also a style essential that she (and you) certainly won’t mind having more of.

For the Girl at Heart

I don’t know about you, but I have a couple of friends who love stationery and colorful, preppy boxes for their pens and other trinkets. For pals who can’t get enough of all things young and girly, shelves aptly labelled “Gift Ideas” hold just the right presents. Take your pick from girly vanity boxes, stickers, and flowery ponytails.


Bonus: For the good-est and most wholesome in the squad, this Peace Be With You mini notebook is the perfect gift. I don’t know if they still have this design, but I’ll definitely give it to one of my good girl friends.

Price range: 20-200 pesos

For the Rest of the Barkada

A tip for shopping barkada gifts? Look for a nice item you can hoard or buy in bulk in different designs. Doing so makes the shopping easier on the budget and still lets you pick out something that suits each personality best. Quirky, lead-free, earrings and character socks are my best bets for barkada gifts. Retailing for less than Php 100 each, you’ll surely have fun giving them out, and your gals will have as much fun receiving them.

Price range: 50-90 pesos

Them Guys

For the Man of Honor


We all have that one (or two) guy best friends whom we trust with our lives. They’re amazing to have around; they’re a brother, tito, dad, and bodyguard rolled into one, the sort of guys you’ll have as men of honor when you get hitched. Guys like these could do with something useful and aesthetically pleasing, like, perhaps, a stylish backpack to sub their ratty, hole-y, old one with. This one’s a style he won’t feel embarrassed to sport.

Price range: 600-900

For the Road Trip Manager/Driver


The guy who always offers to drive the entire squad around for adventures around and out of town, deserves to do so in style. Get him a cap he can use for when an early trip means no time for hair wax, or when the afternoon drive makes the ride unbearably roasting. Shield those eyes from the blinding and burning UV rays.

For the Sleepy Heads


Eye masks to troll them with and help them have a comfy slumber. ‘Nuff said.

There goes the N.Cat gift guide! If you’re interested to score these items for your squad, or just to drop by to canvas them, visit the N.Cat FB page for updates on their branch locations (Market!Market!, Park Square, Festival Mall, Walter Mart North Edsa, Ayala Malls the 30th, etc), items, and promos. Speaking of which…


Hope this entry gave you some ideas of what to shop for everyone in your squad! And, if you need more gift guides like these, then just be sure to tune in to Paisley Purpose…because I’ll let you in on where and what to shop, so better read about it here. 😀 Let the holidays commence with giving! Till next time!

6 #OOTDs By Yaya

I LOVE budget fashion. At home, I’m known as the outfit supplier; I know where to get affordable clothes that fit well and can last my mom, sister, and me, a good 3-5 years or so. But, behind every budget fashion scout, is an equally impeccable and stylish bargain hunter. For me, that’s our yaya.



*This was when I did her eyebrows HAHAHA

I say our guama (maternal grandmother) is the OG fashion queen, but our yaya is herself a rockstar in bargain hunting. She’s been with us before we were even born, and she’s always been very stylish. When we were kids, she does our hair in braids and other ‘do’s that she copies from celebrities. When I got older, she began gifting me with accessories for my birthday, and clothes for Christmas.

Sometimes, she’d buy stuff and see that they’re not exactly her taste. So I’d buy them from her because we wear the same size. She has all these sources: ukay, palengke, tiangge, you name it. And when she gives it, best believe it fits perfectly and I wear it often.

I was rummaging through my closet when I found that I actually have a good number of tops and bottoms from her. That calls for an OOTD entry, made special by the fact that they’re courtesy of yaya! Here are the pieces and some of my favorite looks.

Yellow Knitted Cover-up and Denim Shorts


Really in love with the pink hearts on this yellow knit! She gave me this for Christmas around 3-4 years back, and it’s still perfect. I have to wear a cami underneath though, because it’s a bit see-through. The shorts? A steal from the market at 50 pesos.

Off-shoulder Top and Floral Skirt


She didn’t get me the top, but it’s one of my favorite budget finds at 80 pesos. She did give me the skirt, also a budget find at 80 pesos. The whole look is a whopping 160 pesos. :O Girly, classy, and definitely a steal.

Purple Blouse and Striped Pants


I think she originally got the top for my mom, but it was a bit loose, so I stole it. HAHA. The pants, she bought but decided not to keep in her closet because she didn’t know what to wear it with. I bought it from her for 150 pesos. It’s my go-to for job interviews and any event that requires me to look respectable. Or whenever I’m just too lazy to dress up.

Printed Peach Top and Shorts (with Red Cardigan)


The cardigan’s mine, and I forgot where I got it. Either from guama or a tiangge. The top, she gave me just last week, and here I’m wearing it backwards. Yes, that’s a pretty back detail. I doubt my dad will let me wear it that way. But it feels sexy! HAHA. And the fabric! I’m in love with it. Those shorts are another one of her miracle steals; also 50 pesos.

Same Top, and Blue Skirt (with Red Cardigan)


If you’re wondering how the top looks like when worn the right way, here it is. It’s neat and simple, with a front pocket. I think it goes well with the blue skirt (mine again), because it lends a fun and more laidback element to the corporate pencil cut.

Striped Top and Shorts

\This is my typical Sunday look, and the top is another go-to for when I’m lazy to dress up. It’s simple, neat, and oh-so-comfortable. What’s not to love? The shorts are the same pair from one of the previous looks. Oh, and trivia about the bracelet: it also came from yaya!

Here, by the way, are other accessories I used for this entry:

Thank you very much yaya, for these looks and for so many other things, e.g. being part of the family for all our lives. Did you know that she’s the first one to cry on the day of my sister’s wedding? HAHAHA! And that, until today, she still hates my sort of ex? Hahaha let’s just wait till it’s my turn down the aisle, and get amused by the waterworks again. Lol!



A Bellissima Beginning: Upping My Skincare with This Egg-citing New Find

I turned 24 on Monday, and guess what that means. I’m now well into my mid-twenties! In addition to adding another year to my age, the birthday is a reminder to up my beauty routine. Yes, it’s time to start an anti-aging regimen.

A quick Google search will tell you that it’s never too early to begin reversing the hands of time for your skin, although many beauty gurus seem to agree that 24-25 is the ideal age for that. I’ll admit I know very little about anti-aging regimens, but this much I know: anyone can keep a youthful look with the help of products that suit their age and skin type.

For me, that means choosing mild and natural skincare products formulated for acne-prone skin. This is where Bellissima Egg White Soap comes in.

The new Philippine-made soap features the traditional Swedish formulation and promises to be a multi-purpose beauty solution. Its ingredient, egg white, is popular for its skin firming, softening, and brightening effects. So, let’s see if the product truly meets, or egg-ceeds, its promise.

First Look

Packaging’s eye-catching enough, and I like that its smell isn’t too strong. The price, at Php 55, is reasonable for a local beauty soap: not suspiciously low nor ridiculously high.

First Week of Trial

I don’t expect drugstore products to magically erase all my skin’s problem areas, such as acne scars and oiliness. With Bellissima, I’m after the firming, softening, and brightening effects. And, I’m happy to say that after a week’s worth of washes, the product has delivered.

Immediately after the first wash, I felt a softer and more even texture, which really made me look forward to washing my face with the product. After a few days of trial, I also noticed how my skin isn’t as oily as before. And, even underneath minimal makeup, my skin feels light and glowing, two things it never felt like when I was using chemical-based formulations.


Throughout the trial, I also note that I haven’t had any breakouts, and that’s a good thing. So, all said, it’s a promising, and quite egg-cellent, new beauty product.

Future Fixture

From my first impression of it, I feel like I’ll buy it again. The effects are noticeable and realistic, so Bellissima has very good chances of becoming a fixture in my beauty regimen, now, and even in the future.  Plus, I’d like to have more chances to eggs-perience its other effects, so yes, Imma continue using it.

There goes my initial foray into upping my beauty routine. Thanks to this egg-citing product, I have a feeling that I’m off to a good start.

Bellissima Egg White Soap is available at Puregold supermarkets 😀



OOTD Shoot ft DSLR, Laundry Basket, and Jewelry Box (Part 1)


Been wanting to shoot an OOTD piece for ages, but I’m so reluctant to appear in it. Plus, I’m dead on the equipment side: no one to shoot me and no decent mobile cam. DSLR’s not an option because I look horrible in high-res, and besides, who’s going to work that cam for me? But hey…girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do, and voila, I shot OOTDs and more using a DSLR on timer with the help of a laundry basket and a jewelry box!


I haven’t been out lately, so my pretty clothes haven’t seen the light of day for quite some time, which is sad, and also, all the more reason to put them on display. Had a lot of fun dressing up for the day, so I hope you pick up some good stuff from my “comeback” entry (I AM SO SORRY FOR BEING MIA FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH) 😀 Let the OOTDs finally take the spotlight!

Dressing Up

My grandma from Canada got me this subtly sexy striped cotton wrap-around dress. Though I’ve never worn it out yet, I know I will because it’s flattering and comfortable AF. Fabric’s really soft, and the fit’s a break from my usual go-to pampasexy look (the balot na balot and hapit one).

Though the neckline’s dangerously low and not compliant with my dad’s dress code, I find that the right underwear is an easy fix. Opt for a bra with lace cover up, or maybe a bandeau.

The yellow number is easily one of my favorite closet staples because ang lakas maka-Kris Aquino. Got it from a tiangge in Farmer’s Cubao and I’ve been wearing it when I’m lazy to pick out clothes. It’s a good shade of yellow: not too bright and perfect for yellow-undertoned-skinned Chinese peeps like moi. Because it’s fit and flare, it flatters pretty much all body shapes so yes. Perfect.


I don’t wear shorts, but this pair’s an exception. Our yaya got me this from the market for 50 pesos, and I love it! Sulit, grabe. This pair fits just right because I can still breathe in it and my thighs don’t suffer from painful chub rubs in it, even after hours of walking. Yay.

Because of this pair, I found that the right fit can complement your thicc-ness. If you’re pear or hourglass shaped, choose high-waist ones that are loose on the thigh areas.

Because shorts generally go well with anything, you can go ahead and wear whatever you like. For me though, I go with bright, covered up tops to balance off the skin shown. Hehe.

Ways for Two-way

Two-way blouses are on-trend, and for good reason: they’re easy-breezy and versatile. They’re even better in white because white looks great on anyone. Wear it as a shift blouse for casual getaways, and go off-shoulder for dressier occasions. Tuck it in mom jeans or any high-waist pants for the sweet yet posh look.

This set of OOTDs is a combination of old and mostly new closet staples. Hopefully I’d get around to wear them out more often. Anyway, this shoot turned out quite well, didn’t it? Then, this is another thing that I’d like to do more often. 🙂

This is one of my fave entries so far, because it’s a result of trying something new. These days have been difficult for trying new things because I get anxious about the minute details. But hey, this came out great 😀 Blogging about these things is something I’d want to do more of. But trying…now that’s something I’d want to do even more of. 🙂

And…wrapping it up with this in the meantime. Catch the second part soon! 😀 If not, please bug me. Hehe. ❤



Life Lessons from Being the Maid of Honor

More than half a year ago, my sister confirmed her engagement. We were all happy for her, but truth be told, I dreaded the announcement. Being the frugal, stubborn, indecisive,and hands-on person that she is, I’m sure she will not employ a wedding coordinator. And as her one and only design savvy sister, I’m almost a hundred percent sure I will have to step into the role, on top of being the maid of honor. It was bound to be stressful, and, given my dislike for big family affairs, I was sorely tempted to back out.

Sorry sister. I didn’t think I was willing to work that hard for you. But of course even I’m surprised that I am. 😉

Anyway, that was more than 8 months back, and time went by so fast. One month came after the other, and thankfully,  I was able to prepare, though it didn’t make the occasion any less overwhelming. When the day came, however, it felt like I’ve been at it all along. Being her maid of honor wasn’t all that different from being her sister. 

There was much to pick up from the novel, albeit stressful, experience. Take these from my first, and maybe last, maid of honor stint. 


I guess the reason MOH-ing didn’t feel different from being the bride’s sister is that the occasion is hers. And it kind of always been that way since we were young, whether she agrees or not. She always had the spotlight, was everyone’s favorite, no matter how stubborn or occasionally annoyingly noisy she was. She charms everyone, and though that wasn’t easy to swallow, I got used to it. Being maid of honor on her special day is just bringing that setup to a bigger stage, so it wasn’t much of a stretch. 

There’s no room for being a diva on a wedding day where you’re playing support. She and the occasion should be the priority. Kahit mainit o naka-heels ka, if you need to run somewhere to get something for  a her, do it. Kung nagtataray na siya, huwag mong sabayan. Gawan mo ng paraan. And if you’re a bridesmaidzilla or anything like that, keep your problems to, and solve them by, yourself. Don’t give her anything more to worry about. Ngarag na ang bride and, chances are, mangangarag ka rin. But it’s her day; in her behalf, make sure na lang that everything is taken care of and going well. Ibalato mo na sa kanya; it’s just one day.

Be ready to rise to the occasion. 

Kung may coordinator, swerte mo. At least you can relax a bit. Kung wala, iyak na lang. 😂😂😂 Seriously, though. Regardless of her having one or not, you will have to rise to the demands of the occasion. There’s bound to be lots of mishaps, and you have to be ready to attend to them. Be it her need for a bottle of water, safety pins, and other wedding essentials, or the guests’ clamor for a fun yet short night, you have to have them all in check.

I’ve had my briefing months before, when she brought me along to  see all the wedding suppliers. She had me choose the flowers, the arrangements, and the color motif; heck, even the style of her own wedding dress! When we went to get the mock-ups and see the couturier, I had to wear a dress in the same shade as her motif so we can make sure that we got the right color. 

So, yes. The occasion, apart from the bride, has many demands of its own, and some of them will come up on the spot. Be ready to face them.

Tips, anyone? Here’re some of mine:

1. Bring a bag containing:

Tissue paper

Feminine pads 



Bobby pins

Safety pins

Checklists of everything needed at the wedding 

USB with all wedding -related files (audio, video, images)

Copy of wedding flow and program


Pocket wifi (especially handy if she doesn’t have a coordinator, for the last-minute file downloads of AVPs and audio or whatnot)


*Remember to make room for small wedding gifts and notes, though. Pretty sure friends will hand them to you for safekeeping. 

2. Wear platforms. Heels are off limits when you’re doubling as runner. Opt for platforms to get height and comfort. 

3. Always be on stand by near the entrance, both at the church and the restaurant or events place. Because yes, people will be looking for you to do shitloads of stuff.

4. Have your game face on. The wedding might have games or other activities. As MOH, you need to participate. Mandamay ka na rin, while you’re at it. Kawawa naman si bride, baka mapahiya. 

Those are my tips, so far. Will add more if and when I remember other stuff.

Let her shine.

It’s a given that she should take centerstage. The MOH should always think of complementing the bride and not outshining her. Paano? Idaan sa pagsunod sa color motif. Keep makeup light and natural, hairstyle soft and feminine. Wear fewer blings than she does, and dapat iba talaga ang cut ng damit nyo. If body hugging sa kanya, go ka with the flowy style. And! Never show a lot of skin, huy. Kasal to teh, what’s more, kasal ng soul sister, bff, Basta, a very special woman in your life. Hindi ito okasyon para magmaganda ka. 

But it doesn’t mean you can’t shine. 

Let’s face it. On the wedding day, you’re the primary PA to the bride. But it shouldn’t be a reason for you to look shabby and haggard. At a wedding, everything should look perfect, including you. 

Luckily for me, despite the challenging MOH duties, our HMUA of choice, Naturale by Nins, kept us looking perfect all throughout the event. Sa wakas, nakatikim din ng artistahing makeup ang lola mo! And let’s not forget the gown. Couturier Paul Santos of Coutuba Couture did an amazing job with our gowns. Finally, lahat ng di ko naranasan sa prom at grad ball, nabigay lahat on the wedding ^_^ needless to say, we looked and felt stunning during the wedding. Winner!

And you will shine, as you do everything with love. Not anyone can be MOH to the bride, and the fact that she chose you means you are important to her, and she to you. So as you carry out your many duties, ngarag as you are, do them all with love. 

As much as I didn’t want to be all panicky and busy on the day, I thought, if it were my day, my sister surely would have done the same. So despite the apprehensions, it’s really a go. And when you’re already there, even you will be surprised at what you’re willing to do (e.g. Run around the church and sing a not-so-well-rehearsed special number)just to make things great for the dear bride and everyone she loves.

Your time will come.

I’m single with a lot of personal issues to contend with, and attending a wedding and doing so many, many things for someone whom I’m always compared to is one of the hardest things I have ever done. It’s draining and frustrating to be maid of honor at my current state of mind and heart. But I’m not just her MOH. I’m her sister, and when the day came, as other days did, that mattered more. 

If you’re frustratedly single or impatiently waiting to become a bride yourself, and then you’re thrusted into the maid of honor position, enjoy the moment. I understand how hard that can be but it’s a once in a lifetime event you’re lucky to be a part of! 🙂 Go! You’ll have your turn one day. 

It gets old, I know. But don’t ruin the day just because you have that “kelan naman kaya ako” etched at the back of your head. I have been waiting 23 years, frustratedly, and I made it a point to enjoy the day–her turn, and the succeeding days, until I get mine. 

And I am excited for when I finally get there. If catching the bouquet is any indication, then maybe I won’t have to wait that long anymore. Haha. Fingers crossed. 🙂

It doesn’t end at the wedding.

MOH-ing to the sister is a lifetime thing for me, and I have come to terms with it so many times. God willing, I’ll be around for more milestones. Hopefully, less stressful this time hahaha. And of course, God willing, she’ll be around when I have mine, too. 

Wedding’s over, and though I hate to admit it, MOH-ing is pretty fun. Sa mga friends ko na ikakasal sa future, please get a coordinator if ako ang maid of honor hahaha. Yoko na pong mastress. 

For now, I’ll take a breather. Been an honor (and also a horror hahaha) to be maid of honor. Now officially relieved of MOH duties. 🙂 But as sister and friend, it’s obviously not the end. 

Summer Shimmer; Starting Over

Summer came around a bit earlier this year, won’t you agree? The days are longer and the skies are brighter. Of course, the sun’s beginning to roast our skin, even sans the beach-y setting. And summery stuff also start popping up, here and there. Summery stuff like what, you say?

Summery stuff like the Summer Glow Makeup Workshop by Beauty Squad On the Go, which I attended last Sunday. 🙂 Pro makeup artist and hairstylist Nins, whose workshop I also attended around two months back, invited me to the fun 2-hour session which she, along with her friends and pro HMUAs Kat Nazario and Reese del Rosario, held in her studio in QC.


Image from: Beauty Squad On the Go FB Page

Because the talented ladies are going to hold a 4-hour session this coming Saturday, I won’t spill a lot of details. I’ll just let you in on what you can look forward to.

  1. Copping the summer glow-Obviously, summer makeup ain’t heavy on product layering, but it still involves that. In this workshop, you’ll learn to layer products properly, so you don’t end up looking cakey and sun-melted, and look glowing and sun-kissed, instead.
  2. Slaying the season with easy-to-pull off and manage hairstyles-Want chic braids, beach waves, and messy high buns you can rock in and out of the beach? Let the Beauty Squad pros teach you how to do them all.
  3. Pictorial-Because, of course, getting dolled up won’t ever be complete without those beauty shots, taken by Lemons to Lemonade Project, no less. Such a great way to have your shining moment. 😉

Excited yet? There’s still ONE SLOT left for this Saturday’s Summer Glow Workshop by Beauty Squad On the Go. Check their Facebook page for more details and updates 😀

Starting Over

I get excited whenever summer comes around. Though I don’t have beach escapades or lengthy vacations, I see summer as a time to get started with new things. The sun rises real high, and so should I!

A couple of months back, I was looking forward to company outings with colleagues and trips with college friends. Now that the season has begun, I’m not where I originally planned to be. I had my last day at work just this Tuesday, so no company outing with my girls. Trips? Hmm, maybe not yet, without funding from a stable job.

So, yes. Instead of planning summer activities, here I am, starting over. It’s pretty scary, but it’s not half bad. There’s still so much in store for me and my loved ones: job interviews, homecomings, adopting new habits, among other things. Can’t wait to write about them soon. 🙂 And looking forward to starting over this summer, with my newfound (literal and figurative) glow and shimmer.;)


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